[lttng-dev] Lttng start failed

Pavan Anumula pavan.anumula at sasken.com
Sat Jun 9 05:31:02 EDT 2012

Hi Mathue,

Thanks for the quick reply,

After inserting lttng modules , I had given the command  "arm-none-linux-gnueabi-lttng-sessiond -vvv"  as you said, Below is the output where there are error messages. Please help me in resolving the issue, SO that I can catch kernel and user traces.

root at arago:/usr/lttng/modules# arm-none-linux-gnueabi-lttng-sessiond -d
root at arago:/usr/lttng/modules# arm-none-linux-gnueabi-lttng-sessiond -vvv
DEBUG3: Creating LTTng run directory: /var/run/lttng [in create_lttng_rundir() at main.c:4315]
DEBUG2: Kernel consumer err path: /var/run/lttng/kconsumerd/error [in main() at main.c:4543]
DEBUG2: Kernel consumer cmd path: /var/run/lttng/kconsumerd/command [in main() at main.c:4545]
DEBUG1: Client socket path /var/run/lttng/client-lttng-sessiond [in main() at main.c:4592]
DEBUG1: Application socket path /var/run/lttng/apps-lttng-sessiond [in main() at main.c:4593]
DEBUG1: LTTng run directory path: /var/run/lttng [in main() at main.c:4594]
DEBUG2: UST consumer 32 bits err path: /var/run/lttng/ustconsumerd32/error [in main() at main.c:4603]
DEBUG2: UST consumer 32 bits cmd path: /var/run/lttng/ustconsumerd32/command [in main() at main.c:4605]
DEBUG2: UST consumer 64 bits err path: /var/run/lttng/ustconsumerd64/error [in main() at main.c:4614]
DEBUG2: UST consumer 64 bits cmd path: /var/run/lttng/ustconsumerd64/command [in main() at main.c:4616]
Error: Already running daemon.

Thanks in advance,

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* Pavan Anumula (pavan.anumula at sasken.com) wrote:
> Hi ,
> I am new to LTTng usage, I am trying to use LTTng 2.0.1 and LTTng-modules-2.0.2  for ARM(omapL138), with Linux kernel 2.6.33 wit RT-29 patch on it.
> After enabling all the kernel events I am facing the below errors. I loaded all the modules manually by insmod.
> root at arago:~/lttng-traces# arm-none-linux-gnueabi-lttng create 
> newsessiom Session newsessiom created.
> Traces will be written in 
> /home/root/lttng-traces/newsessiom-20110325-154922
> root at arago:~/lttng-traces# arm-none-linux-gnueabi-lttng enable-event 
> -a --kernel All kernel events are enabled in channel channel0
> root at arago:~/lttng-traces# arm-none-linux-gnueabi-lttng start
> LTTng: Failure to write metadata to buffers (timeout)
> Error: Starting kernel trace failed
> Please kindly help me on this.

I think you should look into the lttng-sessiond --help :

      --consumerd32-path PATH     Specify path for the 32-bit UST consumer daemon binary
      --consumerd32-libdir PATH   Specify path for the 32-bit UST consumer daemon libraries
      --consumerd64-path PATH     Specify path for the 64-bit UST consumer daemon binary
      --consumerd64-libdir PATH   Specify path for the 64-bit UST consumer daemon libraries

options. My guess is that lttng-sessiond is not able to find the consumerd binary files, maybe due to a rename or because they have been moved after install.

One more thing that might help is to launch the lttng-sessiond with "-vvv" : it will provide verbose output and let us know where things fall apart.



> Thanks in advance,
> Pavan
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