[lttng-dev] UST Hanging at Tracepoint

Burton, Michael mburton at ciena.com
Fri Jun 8 16:29:38 EDT 2012

For further insight, I've attached the strace from the hanging program.  I also upgraded LTTng-UST to 2.0.3 and userspace-rcu to 0.7.3.


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Subject: [lttng-dev] UST Hanging at Tracepoint

I am working on getting LTTng 2.0 working in our 2.6.35 kernel.  I have kernel tracing working but I'm having problems with UST.

I have a program with a dynamic UST tracepoint.  When I run the program with all UST events enabled (lttng enable-event -a -u) the program hangs on the tracepoint.  The last line from the UST debug is:

libust[6184/6185]: Info: sessiond not accepting connections to local apps socket (in ust_listener_thread() at lttng-ust-comm.c:699)

Any insight into why this is happening?  I've attached the UST and lttng-sessiond debug generated by the program.

I am running the following:
lttng-modules-2.6.32 (found through this mailing list)

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