[lttng-dev] Port to Android Linux

Karim Yaghmour karim.yaghmour at opersys.com
Fri Feb 24 15:26:33 EST 2012

On 12-02-24 02:46 PM, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Interestingly, last week, Karim Yaghmour has given a presentation
> titled "Leveraging Android's Linux heritage" at the Android Builders
> Summit. One of his demonstration was LTT running on Android (Karim is
> one of the initial developer of the original Linux Trace Toolkit, not
> the -ng one). See slide 28 at
> http://www.slideshare.net/opersys/leveraging-androids-linux-heritage. It
> doesn't give a lot of information, only announces a demonstration, but
> since I attended the talk, I can confirm that the demonstration was
> working.
> Basically, you have several choices :
>   * Extend the bionic C library used in Android so that it supports all
>     the C library functions used by lttng

Would need to exposed System V IPC since Bionic doesn't do that.

>   * Modify lttng so that it uses only C library functions that are
>     provided by the bionic C library

Unlikely. That's probably more complicated than the above.

>   * Integrate the glibc C library to your Android system, it can
>     perfectly live next to the bionic C library in the same system. This
>     is the approach used by Karim. You can also look at Karim's new
>     initiative called Cyborgstack, it provides a mechanism to integrate
>     glibc in an Android system. See http://www.cyborgstack.org/. It is
>     probably the easiest solution, and opens the door to integrating
>     other open-source components that do not work with bionic.

That's the easiest thing, especially given lttng's dependency on System 

Karim Yaghmour
CEO - Opersys inc. / www.opersys.com

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