[ltt-dev] [RFC UST] Processes model

David Goulet david.goulet at polymtl.ca
Tue Jan 18 12:34:51 EST 2011

On 11-01-18 07:04 AM, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
>> In order for ustd to be stateless, it should save all the registry information
>> to disk.  If ustd is killed or crashes, it will be able to restart and get the
>> tracing state back without loosing track of all sessions.
> I think the intention here is to avoid losing knowledge of existing
> sessions when ustd is restarted?  It's not clear what the impact will
> be: can in-progress tracing continue while ustd is offline?
> What about the robustness of ustconsumerd?
> In general it would be interesting to flesh out this section to
> explain the details.

The original intention is exactly what you mentionned : "to avoid losing 
knowledge of existing sessions when ustd is restarted".

However, this may be done at a next stage of development since it is not 
that trivial and add another layer of complexity for now.


> Stefan

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