[ltt-dev] [Lttng] Need help in running the Lttng on ARMv7 hardware with linux kernel

Mathieu Desnoyers compudj at krystal.dyndns.org
Thu Apr 28 08:31:57 EDT 2011

* Murali S R (sr.muralidhar at gmail.com) wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to run lttng on ARMv7 target with the following
> Kernel --- linux kernel and
> Lttng Kernel Patch --- patch-
> Modules --- lttng-modules-0.19.1.tar.bz2
> Control Modules --- ltt-control-0.88-09242010.tar.gz
> Whenever i enable the statedump ( by loading the ltt-statedump module) and
> run lttctl tracing ( lttctl -C -w /tmp/trace trace ),
> immediately a log "LTT Statedump end" is thrown.
> After which i can still see some trace data being accumulated in the trace
> path (/tmp/trace).
> Now if i close the tracing (lttctl -D trace) & try to view the trace using
> lttv-gui, It gets terminated with segmentation fault error.

What version of LTTV are you using ? Does it match your lttng-modules
version as specified in the compatibility list on the lttng.org website
download section ?



> Can anyone help in letting me know where i am doing wrong.
> Also, is there any means to trace only a particular module instead of entire
> kernel.
> Thanks in advance :)
> -- 
> Regards,
> Murali

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