[ltt-dev] Need help to start with lttng

MaNiSH PaTeL patel_shanim at yahoo.co.in
Tue Oct 27 17:03:57 EDT 2009

Hi,   I am newb to linux kernel and ltt also,I looking to trace all the system calls & signals for specific set of applications (ls, gcc, ps2pdf etc). All traces should be in user space. Its enough to captured traces same as strace but , I need dynamic so I am using lttng.   Can you please help me from where should I start?  I installed lttng recompile kernel, & able to get lttv lttv-gui but I dont have idea how to achive traces in userspace.   I tried with manual but it is not successful. Can you please tell me userspace tracing examples in details. Also how to read those traces? I opend it in lttv but still not understanding.
Can anyone please explain steps should I do in details?  

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