[ltt-dev] Legend for resource viewer in LTTV ?

Pierre-Marc Fournier pierre-marc.fournier at polymtl.ca
Mon Oct 19 15:30:28 EDT 2009

"Servicing irq" and "servicing softirq" are the same colors as in the
control flow view. These are the only shades of red that can appear in a
cpu line.

Yeah, adding a legend would be a good idea. It's in the todo list.



Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> I'm forwarding this to Pierre-Marc, who wrote the resource viewer. It
> would be a good idea to add such legend. In the meanwhile, I'll be the
> right person for answering your question.
> Mathieu
> * Martin Kosina (martin_kosina at yahoo.com) wrote:
>> Sorry, couldn't find this in the manual - is there a legend available for
>> the different colors the resource viewer displays ?
>> Wondering what the different shades of red mean on the CPU timelines...
>> Thanks,
>> Martin
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