[ltt-dev] lttv 32 bit to 64 bit cutover version

Jim Schimandle jvs at psyncretics.com
Thu Jul 23 09:14:05 EDT 2009

> I don't remember exactly the versions, but yes, I happened to do a
> 64-bits cleanup when I got my hand on a 64-bits machine.

Thanks. I'll either compile for 32 bit or cleanup 0.8.72 to run on
64 bit.

> You could follow the compatibility list on the lttng.org website and try
> LTTV 0.8.79, which seems to be the earliest LTTV version matching common
> LTTng versions with LTTV 0.8.72.

I am using lttng 0.6.32 and ltt-control 0.30. If I read the compatibility
list correctly, lttv 0.8.72 is the latest version I can use.

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