[ltt-dev] LTTng kernel patches not patching successfully

Ajit R ajitrzid at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 17 06:02:02 EDT 2009

  I want to try out LTT on my x86 32 bit machine before I move to an ARM target. The tried the following steps
1) Download kernel from kernel.org. Version linux-2.6.23.tar.bz2
2) Patched with the "mm" patch - 2.6.23-mm1.bz2
3) Tried patching "patch-2.6.23-mm1-lttng-0.10-pre14.tar.bz2" to the mm1 kernel tree. This fails with multiple rejects.
4) Tried patching "patch-2.6.23-mm1-lttng-0.10-pre7.tar.bz2". This also fails with multiple rejects.
5) Patched the vanilla 2.6.23 kernel to 2.6.30.
6) Also tried : "patch-2.6.30-lttng-0.148.tar.bz2" 
    This fails too with multiple rejects.
Downloaded patches from "http://ltt.polymtl.ca/files/lttng/".

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?


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