[ltt-dev] Force buffer sizes to be at least page size

Chase Douglas cndougla at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Jul 15 10:11:36 EDT 2009

During some testing across various architectures we found that our  
ppc64 environment with 64K page sizes was causing lttctl to hang when  
destroying a trace if the buffer size was less than 64K  
(channel.all.bufsize). We had been testing with 16K buffer sizes, and  
every other architecture ran fine. This led us to believe that ltt is  
not handling buffer sizes less than a page size correctly.

We did not determine the root cause of the failure, instead opting for  
a quick patch to force the buffer sizes to be at least page size. I  
have attached the patch. Please take this under advisement either to  
determine the root cause or to force proper buffer sizes as necessary.

Thank you

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