[ltt-dev] performance results I measured with the latest lttng patches

Martin Bligh mbligh at google.com
Fri Sep 26 12:43:55 EDT 2008

> Yup, what I am currently doing (by hand, it's rather long), is to run
> tbench between LTTng patches application to see where the performance
> regressions are.
> Some automated build/test infrastructure would be good, e.g. :
> quilt pop -a
> until patchset fully applied
>  quilt push
>  build kernel
>  install kernel
>  reboot
>  run tbench, gather results
> This should probably be done with both config=Y and config=N for
> tracepoint and lttng-specific options.

Autotest can do this for you. Nikhil (cc'ed) even has patches to do
bisection chop search (though you'd need to make the test throw
an exception below a certain perf level).

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