[ltt-dev] SMP issues on ARM

Gaurav Singh gausinghnsit at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 23:21:28 EST 2008

I am working on an ARM cortex based SMP system and am interested in
calculating spinlock hold times. I am also looking to add
instrumentation for cache related code. (finding no. of cache hits and
misses etc.)

For spinlock hold time I propose using tracemarks in
kernel/spinlocks.c for lock and unlock. The difficult part is finding
the name of the spinlock in use. We can probably use a structure to
store names of spinlocks and keep adding names as and when new locks
are encountered. Sounds a bit simplistic [:-)] - any better ideas? New
LTTV plugins will need to be developed to view spinlock information.

For cache related issues - has there been any work on this topic? Any
pointers are welcome.

Thanks and Regards

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