[lttng-dev] Upcoming CTF 2 specification

Philippe Proulx pproulx at efficios.com
Mon Mar 4 11:48:15 EST 2024

To those concerned,

After years of development, the DiaMon Workgroup announces that it will
publish the official specification of the Common Trace Format, version 2
based on its latest release candidate, CTF2-SPECRC-9.0 [1].

Indeed, we now possess sufficient implementation code to be very
confident that CTF2-SPECRC-9.0 does not contain any major errors or
omissions, taking into account the goals of the format.

Consequently, we will publish the CTF2-SPEC-2.0 document in two weeks,
barring any significant and justified objection in response to this

Although its form may change in the future, for instance to add examples
or to make them interactive, its content shall remain as is in
perpetuity. In other words, we do not anticipate to publish
CTF2-SPEC-2.1: any additions or changes, which we will document as part
of new DiaMon documents, will be made through the new metadata stream
attribute [2] or extension [3] instruments.

[1]: https://diamon.org/ctf/files/CTF2-SPECRC-9.0rA.html
[2]: https://diamon.org/ctf/files/CTF2-SPECRC-9.0rA.html#attrs
[3]: https://diamon.org/ctf/files/CTF2-SPECRC-9.0rA.html#ext

I hope you have a very good day,

Philippe Proulx
EfficiOS Inc.

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