[lttng-dev] What is DEFINE_LTTNG_UST_SIGBUS_STATE for and other beginner questions

Christopher Harvey chris at cwharvey.ca
Thu Oct 5 15:40:27 EDT 2023

I got this one figured out. I used strace -fp <pid> -trace=connect on the target app to see why the connect was failing and it turns out there was a mismatch between sessiond's apps-socket paths and libust's.

time to review my build environment I guess. It's very possible my docker container's path environment variables are non-standard.

If I had a tiny bit of feedback to provide it would be to print out the errno and paths in the connect/bind commands in the DBG commands. I had to bust out strace to get that info. Small problem, but it could have saved me a few hours and some mailing list messages.

Thank you for making this nice looking software available for free. Looking forward to playing with it some more.


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