[lttng-dev] Trying to understand use of lttng enable-event --kernel --userspace-probe=

Brian Hutchinson b.hutchman at gmail.com
Tue May 16 22:11:01 EDT 2023


I'm trying to figure out how to use uprobes with lttng.

I can't use a normal uprobe for a line number just using the address I
want to probe obtained from objdump?  As in:

echo 'p /usr/local/bin/my_app:0x2c3a8' >>

... which isn't a function entry, it's just a line of code I want to probe on.

This link says it has to be elf or sdt:

So can I not probe on just a line of code by specifying an address???

It doesn't look like these methods above will do what I'm wanting to
do.  I've tried to find examples of using enable-event --kernel
--userspace-probe= but there doesn't appear to be many.



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