[lttng-dev] [PATCH 00/11] Add support for TSAN to liburcu

Olivier Dion odion at efficios.com
Tue May 16 11:47:56 EDT 2023

On Tue, 16 May 2023, Dmitry Vyukov via lttng-dev <lttng-dev at lists.lttng.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 15 May 2023 at 22:18, Olivier Dion <odion at efficios.com> wrote:

Hi Dmitry,

> Where can I see the actual changes? Preferably side-by-side diffs with
> full context. Are they (or can they be) uploaded somewhere on
> github/gerrit?

Here's the link to the first patch of the set on our Gerrit

> Are there any remaining open questions?

On the Gerrit no.  But I would add this for the known issues:

We have a regression test for forking.  We get the following when
running it:

==23432==ThreadSanitizer: starting new threads after multi-threaded fork is not supported. Dying (set die_after_fork=0 to override)

With TSAN_OPTIONS=die_after_fork=0, here are the results for GCC and

* gcc 11.3.0
  ==25266==ThreadSanitizer: dup thread with used id 0x7fd40dafe600

  Looks like this was fixed with recent merged of TSAN in gcc 13.

* clang 14.0.6

Tests pass but are very slow.  This seems to be because we're calling
exit(3) in the childs.  Changing it to _exit(2) solves the issue.  The
only thing I can think of is that exit(3) is not async-signal-safe like
_exit(2), yet we do other none-async safe calls like malloc(3) and
free(3) in the childs.

Here are some perf records of that:

With exit(3)
  12.35%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff89ebd22b
   8.69%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff89ebd8fa
   7.50%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff8a001360
   6.11%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap       [.] __sanitizer::internal_memset
   5.85%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap       [.] __tsan::ForkChildAfter
   1.96%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff892f8efd
   1.88%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff89ec8e2c
   1.29%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff890a99d1
   0.79%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff8918c566
   0.75%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap       [.] __sanitizer::ThreadRegistry::OnFork
   0.71%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff89349574
   0.64%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff89ee424f
   0.57%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap       [.] __tsan::MetaMap::AllocBlock
   0.55%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff89367249
   0.53%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap       [.] __tsan_read8
   0.51%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]                [k] 0xffffffff89ec8e05

With _exit(2)
  12.26%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff89ebd8fa
   9.51%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff89ebd22b
   6.78%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __sanitizer::internal_memset
   6.49%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff8a001360
   4.92%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __tsan::ForkChildAfter
   2.92%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff892f8efd
   2.19%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff89ec8e2c
   1.88%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff890a99d1
   0.83%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __tsan::MetaMap::AllocBlock
   0.72%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff892f8f1c
   0.67%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff8918c566
   0.65%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff89ec16dd
   0.62%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __sanitizer::CombinedAllocator<__sanitizer::SizeClassAllocator32<__sanitizer::AP32>, __sanitizer::LargeMmapAllocatorPtrArrayStatic>::Allocate
   0.61%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __tsan_write4
   0.60%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff89367249
   0.59%  test_urcu_fork.  [unknown]             [k] 0xffffffff89ee424f
   0.50%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __sanitizer::ThreadRegistry::OnFork
   0.50%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __tsan_write8
   0.47%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __tsan::ForkBefore
   0.45%  test_urcu_fork.  test_urcu_fork.tap    [.] __tsan_func_entry

> Is there CI coverage with -fsanitize=thread?

Since the urcu-signal flavor deadlocks with TSAN (see reproducer in
commit log), the CI simply timeouts.  I do however have a job with TSAN
as an matrix axis here <https://ci.lttng.org/job/dev_odion_liburcu/>.

Olivier Dion
EfficiOS Inc.

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