[lttng-dev] Nano clock value overflows the signed 64-bit integer range on the babeltrace2 client side when per-process per-user trace file were transfer using lttng live protocol

Yuan Bin elf.ggle at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 07:34:43 EDT 2023

I launched a program producing traces to the lttng consumerd and lttng
relayd, also launching a babeltrace command as lttng live consumer to show
the tracing real-timely.

It works well when the channel is set to per user mode. But when it is
changed to per process per user without no other changes, the babeltrace2
client crashing showing a overflow error:

The last error message of babeltrace2 exception stack shows :

"Cannot convert cycle to nanoseconds from origin for given clock class:
value overflows the signed 64-bit integer range: cc-addr=****,
cc-name="monotonic", cc-freq=1000000000, ....."

What's the difference resulting this crash ? How to solve it since the
perprocess per user mode is perfered for me.

version info:
babeltrace2: 2.0.4
lttng comands: 2.12.12
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