[lttng-dev] UST context field "ip" is now in decimal since 2.13 instead of hexadecimal as before

thomas.gatterweh at siemens.com thomas.gatterweh at siemens.com
Tue Mar 14 05:03:32 EDT 2023


In this commit  https://github.com/lttng/lttng-ust/commit/4e48b5d2debaf6c0c598489c183cc6cb2125c8a3  the base for UST context field "ip" was changed from 16 (hexadecimal) to 10 (decimal), most likely an unintentional copy&paste error. See change in lttng-context-ip.c, line 47.
Can it be changed back to 16 (hexadecimal), so that the ip address recorded by this context field gets displayed in hex again, which makes much more sense?

Best regards,
Thomas Gatterweh
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