[lttng-dev] [PATCH lttng-tools] Fix: consumer-stream: use-after-free of metadata bucket

Vincent Whitchurch vincent.whitchurch at axis.com
Tue Mar 8 03:10:35 EST 2022

On Mon, Mar 07, 2022 at 06:37:49PM +0100, Jérémie Galarneau wrote:
> I had a chance to look into this and came up with the following fix:
> https://review.lttng.org/c/lttng-tools/+/7478/4
> Would you have a chance to try it on your end before I merge it?

I've tested the patch stack in patch set #5 and it does fix the problem
for me too.  Please feel free to add this if you like:

 Tested-by: Vincent Whitchurch <vincent.whitchurch at axis.com>

(By the way, I noticed that patch(1) gets confused by the reproduction
 patch which is part of the commit message.  This probably shouldn't
 matter much though, I only noticed it when I tried to revert the patch
 with git show | patch -p1 -R.)

> Thanks for the great bug report!

Thank you for the fix!

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