[lttng-dev] shm leak in traced application?

zhenyu.ren zhenyu.ren at aliyun.com
Wed Feb 23 09:38:50 EST 2022

   There are many items such as "/dev/shm/ust-shm-consumer-81132 (deleted)" exist in lttng-sessiond fd spaces. I know it is the result of shm_open() and shm_unlnik() in create_posix_shm(). 
   However, today, I found these items also exist in a traced application which is a long-time running daemon. The most important thing I found is that there seems no reliable way to release share memory.
   I tried to kill lttng-sessiond but not always release share memory. Sometimes I need to kill the traced application to free share memory....But it is not a good idea to kill these applications.
   My questions are: 
   1. Is there any way to release share memory without killing any traced application?
   2. Is it normal that many items such as "/dev/shm/ust-shm-consumer-81132 (deleted)" exist in the traced application?

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