[lttng-dev] 2.13-rc2 fails to build with buildroot crosscompiler

Michael Jeanson mjeanson at efficios.com
Thu May 20 10:37:20 EDT 2021

On 2021-05-20 9:52 a.m., Norbert Lange via lttng-dev wrote:
> Hello,
> many tests fail to build, apparently because transitive dependencies
> are not found.
> I managed to patch out building the test sub-directory, at which
> points the errors are gone,
> I dont know how to fix it with automake, seems like
> /tmp/ZBuild/build/lttng-libust-2.13.0-rc2/src/lib/lttng-ust/.libs
> should be added to library search paths.
> Norbert

The libtool integration with autotools should be handling these transitive
dependencies but somehow doesn't seem to work in your environment. A
workaround could be to add the liblttng-ust-common.la file to all the test
binaries _LDADD where liblttng-ust.la is already present, for example:

ust_fields_compatapi1_LDADD = \
        $(top_builddir)/src/lib/lttng-ust/liblttng-ust.la \
        $(top_builddir)/src/lib/lttng-ust-common/liblttng-ust-common.la \

Can you check if this works?


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