[lttng-dev] LTTng Support for Mount Namespace

Mohammad Kavousi kavousi at u.northwestern.edu
Wed Jan 6 10:50:36 EST 2021

Dear LTTng developers,

Our group at Northwestern has been using your amazing tool for the purpose
of provenance tracking on Linux-based systems and we are very fond of the
performance and accuracy it provides.

Our analysis shows that mnt_ns context is supported in the 2.12 version of
LTTng. However, though, adding the mnt_ns context using the add-context command
produces this error:

Error: mnt_ns: Context unavailable on this kernel

We have tried adding the context to the more recent version of the kernel
(5.8) on Ubuntu 20.04, as well as older kernel versions such as the 4.4
version on Ubuntu 16.04. However, we always receive the above error trying
to add the mnt_ns context.

We could not find which kernel versions are supported for adding this
context, or whether they need to be built with special flags. I would
appreciate your guidance on resolving this issue.

Thank you,
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