[lttng-dev] LTTng Support for Network Namespace

Mohammad Kavousi kavousi at u.northwestern.edu
Mon Feb 8 13:04:53 EST 2021

Dear LTTng developers,

I was wondering if LTTng currently (or in the future) supports network
namespaces. For instance, an ambiguity in the logs would make problems for
future system analysis.

Taking the "bind" system call, that would help us distinguish between
different local IP addresses when two or more container instances are
running on the host, given that the "umyaddr" field is an address inside
the memory, how would we recover the local addresses after the trace has
been collected?

syscall_entry_bind: { cpu_id = 1 }, { mnt_ns = 4026532553, pid = 532, tid =
532, vtid = 532, vpid = 532 }, { fd = 14, umyaddr = 93827759199256, addrlen
= 12 }

Thanks, we appreciate the help beforehand!

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