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Mon Feb 1 04:12:24 EST 2021


we're currently working on CTF code instrumentation in the C++ code generation from Papyrus. Unlike in a previous version, we use BareCTF.

In this context, the metadata tag "model.emf.uri" can contain the URI of the element to trace. This works fine in TraceCompass, if we manually add the URI to the metadata, as shown below. But I have not been able to add an entry to BareCTF's config.yaml that produces the model.emf.uri in the generated metadata file. Is it possible?

I could not find an suitable example in the documentation - I experimented with the "specific-context-field-type", but it also adds a parameter to the generated C code functions which is not what I want.

Best regards


event {
    stream_id = 0;
    id = 1;
    name = "state_C1_FirstState_state";
    model.emf.uri = "platform:/resource/DemoTrace/DemoTrace.uml#_AVreJm9fEeqJeI8mbLLRcg";
    fields := struct {
        string {
            encoding = UTF8;
        } instanceId;
    } align(1);
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