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> I am tracing a multiprocess/multithreaded code (MPI/OpenMP) using lttng-ust.
> Right now, I need to include process id and thread id for each event in order
> to generate process/thread indexed view of the traces. Is there a way that I
> can store per-process events into a specific buffer without mixing the events
> with other events that are generated on the same CPU? The same thing for
> per-thread events, I would like lttng or CTF to allow to store per-thread
> events in a specific buffer without mixing the events with other events on the
> same CPU channel. With that feature, I do not need to store process id and
> thread id in each event and then need to query all the events in order to
> collect per-process or per-thread event.

No, but you can use kernel tracing (lttng-modules) of the scheduler events (sched:*) to map 
the CPU number to the currently running thread and process at trace post-processing. 

By doing so, both current thread and process become implicit with the CPU number. 



> Thank you
> Yonghong

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