[lttng-dev] questions about mapping from file names to corresponding inode

熊毓华 xiongyuhua at zju.edu.cn
Thu May 7 01:23:10 EDT 2020


I want to know whether lttng trace data will provide mapping from file names to corresponding inode.

I refered some data parsed by babeltrace,and found that internal kernel tracepoints like writeback_dirty_inode_start、jbd2_submit_inode_data and lttng_statedump_vm_map can provide inode parameter.But I don’t know the meaning of these tracepoints mentioned above, and it seems to have little to do with the mapping we need.I want to know which tracepoint will record the mapping.

In addition, I found the get_inode_from_fd() function at lttng-uprobes.c.It seems to provide some hints, can this function provide the mapping information we want?If so, how should I use it to get the data.

Looking forward to your reply.



Yuhua Xiong
Lab for Internet and Security Technology
School of Computer Science and Technology
Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, 310007, P.R. China
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