[lttng-dev] babeltrace convert call_site addr to func/offset

changcheng.liu at aliyun.com changcheng.liu at aliyun.com
Sun Jun 28 00:05:02 EDT 2020

Hi all,
   I checked lttng-ust-cry-profile source code:

   It traced the runtime virtual-address(VA) of the
   1) called function address
   2) caller address

   The value of VA is different from the linked address.
   Due to ASLR, the VA could be different when running the program every
   The babeltrace could covert the "ip" in the traced context into
   func/offset. However, there's no context to trace the call_site and
   babeltrace also support convert the "call_site" into func/offset.

   Does lttng community has plan to supply the function to support
   "call_site" context and make babeltrace could convert the "call_site"
   into func/offset format?


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