[lttng-dev] Enamebling namespace contexts

Serica serica_law at qq.com
Wed Dec 23 21:55:37 EST 2020


ThI found that lttng is working on container awareness in this slides: https://archive.fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/containers_lttng/attachments/slides/3419/export/events/attachments/containers_lttng/slides/3419/lttng_containers_fosdem19.pdf

On page #13, there is a command:  lttng add-context -k -t procname -t pid -t vpid -t tid -t vtid -t pid_ns, where pid_ns and other namespace identifiers are very useful for tracing containers. However, it seems like that lttng of current version doesn't support adding context pid_ns(Error: Unknown context type pid_ns). Do you know how to enable these features?

Thanks a lot.
Btw, have a nice holiday!

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