[lttng-dev] Possibilities to customize lttng tracepoints in kernel space

Serica serica_law at qq.com
Wed Dec 16 04:19:55 EST 2020


I send this email to consult that whether it is possible to customize lttng tracepoints in kernel space. I have learnt that lttng leverages linux tracepoint to collect audit logs like system calls. Also, I have found that user can define their customized tracepoints in user space by using lttng-ust so that they can trace their user applications.

Is it possible for lttng users to customize the existing tracepoints in kernel space? For example, after the system call sys_clone, or read, called and then collected by lttng, I want to process some data ( e.g., the return value of the syscall ), and place the result in a new field in the audit log ( or using another approach, by emitting a new type of event in the audit log ), and later when parsed by babeltrace, we can see the newly-added field or event in the parsed result.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,

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