[lttng-dev] [2.11.0] Saving then loading network session loses absolute path

Kramer, Zach Zach.Kramer at cognex.com
Mon Oct 21 11:27:50 EDT 2019


With all LTTng versions being 2.11.0 I have the following problem:

lttng-sessiond -d
lttng-relayd -d

lttng create example –set-url=net://localhost/test
lttng create example --live –set-url=net://localhost/test
lttng create example –set-url=file:///home/<user>/lttng-traces/test

lttng enable-channel -u ch
lttng enable-event -u -a -c ch -s example
lttng start example

(traces are written to ~/lttng-traces/<host>/test)

lttng stop example
lttng save example
lttng destroy example
(remove lttng-traces/<host> for testing purposes)

lttng load example
lttng start example

(traces now exist in ~/lttng-traces/<host>/example-<timestamp>)

This is, for me, reproducible 100% of the time. I can reproduce the steps using the Trace Compass control view as well. If I override the session name and url, the problem persists.

The .lttng file seems valid (attached). This issue exists whether I use an existing .lttng file from 2.9 (which never showed this problem), or whether I create a new one like above.

Is this intended behavior? If not, any idea what could be happening here? Is this reproducible by others?


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