[lttng-dev] LTTng 2.11 new features blog posts

Jonathan Rajotte-Julien jonathan.rajotte-julien at efficios.com
Wed Oct 16 15:33:10 EDT 2019

Hello everyone!

We recently published two blog posts [1][2] concerning upcoming features of
LTTng 2.11.

[1] introduces the new session rotation feature allowing users to create
self-contained trace archives on-demand that can be analyzed while tracing
continues in the background.

[2] demonstrates how to leverage the new dynamic userspace probe support. It
allows you to add tracepoints in running apps without needing to recompile or
even restart them. It supports instrumentation on ELF function symbol and
Systemtap’s SDT probe points.


[1] https://lttng.org/blog/2019/10/15/lttng-session-rotation/
[2] https://lttng.org/blog/2019/10/15/new-dynamic-user-space-tracing-in-lttng/

Jonathan Rajotte-Julien

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