[lttng-dev] documentation about CTF event payload

Mathieu Desnoyers mathieu.desnoyers at efficios.com
Wed Nov 20 09:32:35 EST 2019

For the system call payload documentation, you might want to refer to the Linux system call 
man pages. 

For internal kernel tracepoints like sched_switch, there is no documentation of the meaning of 
each field at the moment. This state is the same as the upstream Linux kernel trace event. You'll 
have to figure it out on your own. Documenting each field of the ~500-1000 Linux kernel tracepoints 
is no small task. 



----- On Nov 19, 2019, at 9:25 PM, 杨海 <hai.yang at magic-shield.com> wrote: 

> To be more specific, I suppose we can refer to
> instrumentation\syscalls\3.10.0-rc7\x86-64-syscalls-3.10.0-rc7 for the payload
> format of syscall event. Is it exactly in the CTF syscall event?

> Regards
> Hai
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> From: "杨海"<hai.yang at magic-shield.com>;
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> Subject: documentation about CTF event payload
> Hi

> As LTTng generated CTF and babeltrace parse it, we have the output as attached.
> We saw events such as sched_switch, but the payload cannot be understood
> easily. Where we can find the document to explain the LTTng payload and
> parameters?

> Regards
> Hai

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