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杨海 hai.yang at magic-shield.com
Tue Nov 5 22:59:41 EST 2019

Thanks Jonathan. Regarding to the CI MTTR/MTTF test results, it varies from time to time, and on master/stable branches. 
1. it monitors new Linux kernels, so the CI job may use newer kernel version than months ago?
2. What would be the criteria of MTBF here?

MTTRLast 7 Days0 ms
Last 30 Days12 hr
All Time3 days 21 hr
MTTFLast 7 Days0 ms
Last 30 Days12 days
All Time29 days
Standard DeviationLast 7 Days21 min
Last 30 Days30 min
All Time44 min

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On Mon, Nov 04, 2019 at 11:47:58AM +0800, 杨海 wrote:
> Hi
> As you previously commented, “The current LTTng kernel tracer (lttng-modules) supports Linux 3.0+ only.” and we can find the support package list on http://packages.efficios.com/.&nbsp;
> Does LTTng have roadmap for upcoming new kernel versions?

I presume you are explicitly asking for RHEL & SUSE kernels. The current
packages for these distro are maintained on a best effort and commercial
incentive of EfficiOS. If you are interested in supporting this effort please
contact sales at efficios.com.

As for the actual upstream kernel, we are monitoring [1] all new kernels and
stable branches.

[1] https://ci.lttng.org/view/LTTng-modules/

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