[lttng-dev] Monitor threads with lttng

Michel Dagenais michel.dagenais at polymtl.ca
Wed May 15 13:21:09 EDT 2019

On Linux, with pthreads, thread scheduling takes place in the kernel. You can then obtain this information through lttng tracing in the kernel domain (scheduling events) and view the trace in Trace Compass. 

----- Le 15 Mai 19, à 12:42, Zvi Vered <veredz72 at gmail.com> a écrit : 

> Hello,
> Can I use lttng to monitor threads in my process ?
> For example, I want to see when a thread is active and when it is blocked
> (waiting for a signal or an IOCL to complete).

> Is it possible doing it without linking the application with libust and calling

> Thank you,
> Zvika

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