[lttng-dev] lttng-tools-2.10.6: Spawning consumerd failed

Zvi Vered veredz72 at gmail.com
Tue May 14 08:20:31 EDT 2019


I ran the following command on the target (where my kernel is running):

~ # ./lttng create my-kernel-session --output=/tmp/my-kernel-trace

and then:

~ # ./lttng enable-event --kernel --syscall open,close

and got:

Error: Spawning consumerd failed
Error: Event open: Kernel consumer start failed (channel channel0,
session my-kernel-session)
PERROR - 00:25:59.397308194 [1930/1930]: listen: Invalid argument (in
lttcomm_listen_unix_sock() at unix.c:173)
PERROR - 00:25:59.397344426 [1930/1930]: sendmsg: Bad file descriptor
(in lttcomm_send_unix_sock() at unix.c:292)
Error: Failed to send data back to client
PERROR - 00:25:59.397353233 [1930/1930]: close: Bad file descriptor
(in thread_manage_clients() at main.c:4530)
Error: Event close: Kernel consumer start failed (channel channel0,
session my-kernel-session)
~ #

Can you please explain the cause to this error ?

I'm running under a 32 bit (x86) vanilla, 4.9.20 kernel with busybox
with the following lttng versions:




Thank you,

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