[lttng-dev] CTF writer in Java

Lea Brunschwig lea.brunschwig at univ-pau.fr
Mon May 6 07:40:00 EDT 2019


I am working on a Java API that permits to create UML state machine and to run them. I have created a Java interface allowing to implement customizable trace for this tool: the user can implement its own way to gather information from the execution for instance print in the console via System.out.println() or print in a xml file, etc... 

In the scope of the project I am working on I would like to provide the users a Java class implemeting my interface with the CTF format but I can not manage to find a code able to write a CTF trace in Java. 
Does such a code exist? 

Since CTF traces seem to be really specific I do not want to intent to write my own version of a CTF trace because I am scared it would not be accurate and would not work with the already existing CTF readers. 

Thank you in advance. 
Léa Brunschwig 
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