[lttng-dev] [tracecompass-dev] Scalability

Doug Schaefer dschaefer at blackberry.com
Wed Mar 13 10:14:54 EDT 2019

On Wed, 2019-03-13 at 08:59 -0400, Philippe Proulx wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 8:46 AM Doug Schaefer <
> dschaefer at blackberry.com> wrote:
> Very cool. Would explicitly setting the byte order for each field be
> a short term workaround?
> You found a very specific scenario highlighting this bug.
> Some field types are copied behind the scenes for resolving purposes.
> This is done in bt_ctf_stream_class_add_event_class() and
> bt_ctf_writer_create_stream(). The effective byte order of the
> original
> (`data_length_type` for example) remains unset, while the internal
> copy
> is set. However you use the originals to create fields.
> Without the patch, a temporary fix would be to put all the field type
> references and get the copies (which have the correct byte order)
> using
> bt_ctf_event_class_get_field_by_name() and
> bt_ctf_field_sequence_get_field() _after_ calling
> bt_ctf_writer_create_stream() in your specific case.

I'll use the patch ☺.

I was somewhat following the CTF Writer API python example which
implied I could use the original. Is that not the case?


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