[lttng-dev] Tracepoints firing without being enabled in LTTng

Mosleh Uddin mosleh1235 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 10:08:19 EST 2019


I am having a strange issue with my current application. For some context,
I have integrated LTTng into a Yocto build and put custom trace points in
my embedded system application. Once I load the built image onto my system
and start a session daemon, I try to list all available userspace events
(using lttng list -u), but no events show up.

The strange occurrence is when I create a session (lltng create my-sess)
and not start tracing the trace events will display on the screen
regardless (when starting session in live mode with lttng view). I was
wondering if anyone has any insight on this issue I am having.

Thanks for any assistance,
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