[lttng-dev] RCU consistency guarantees

Yuxin Ren ryx at gwmail.gwu.edu
Thu Dec 5 20:17:50 EST 2019


I am a student, and learning RCU now, but still know very little about it.
Are there any documents/papers/materials which (in)formally define and
explain RCU consistency guarantees?

I know there are some consistency models in the database area (such as
PRAM, Read Uncommitted, etc) from https://jepsen.io/consistency and [1].
How does RCU related to those consistency models?

I also found some comments online (One key distinction is that both MVCC
and RLU provide much stronger consistency guarantees to readers than does
RCU ...) (https://lwn.net/Articles/777036/).
I do not understand how we reason/dresibe/compare the
consistency guarantees. ( I even do not know what consistency guarantees
provided by RCU formally)
Could someone explain this to me?

[1] Bailis, P., Davidson, A., Fekete, A., Ghodsi, A., Hellerstein, J. M., &
Stoica, I. (2013). Highly available transactions: Virtues and limitations.
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 7(3), 181-192.

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