[lttng-dev] Announcing LTTng Scope

Alexandre Montplaisir alexmonthy at efficios.com
Mon Mar 19 06:58:06 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

We at EfficiOS are happy to announce the first public preview of the
LTTng Scope project.

LTTng Scope is an experimental graphical viewer for LTTng kernel and
userspace traces for Linux, Windows and macOS. With this new project, we
want to experiment with UI/UX and determine how users can efficiently
interact with traces using a graphical user interface.

Please note it is definitely *NOT* ready for use in production at this
stage. We are making it available to get it "out here" and to gather
valuable user feedback.

Some currently available features include:
* Detailed event record list
* Thread and CPU execution state visualization
* Project-wide event highlighting (filters) shown in all views
* Timestamp formatting interoperable with Babeltrace
* Streamlined workflow
* Convenient installer

There are some obvious limitations in this initial version:
* Hard-coded set of views specific to kernel traces
* Only one trace can be opened per project.

We are planning to release new preview versions over the next few months
as we introduce changes, new features and performance improvements.

Standalone, pre-compiled builds are available on the new "beta" section
of the LTTng website:

You can also build it from source, the code (EPL-licensed) can be found at:

Do not hesitate to report any issue you encounter on the project's
Github page
or on the lttng-dev mailing list.


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