[lttng-dev] Trace Compass in live session

BADEUIL Thierry thierry.badeuil at thalesgroup.com
Tue Jun 12 12:29:22 EDT 2018

Dear all,


I have difficulties to use Babeltrace in live session and I would like to
use Trace Compass.


My target activated LTTng with :

-          Lttng create test –live –set-url:’net://’

-          Lttng enable-event sched_switch

-          Lttng start


My host (@ activated LTTng with :

-          Lttng-relayd –vv


Everything seems to be OK because my host received bytes from my target
during 1 minute.


I would like to see the traces in ~/lttng-traces with TraceCompass and I can
only watch the first second of my recording. It is impossible to see after
(I did a lot of refresh


Why ?







( : +33 1 46 133 591

È  : +33 6 85 51 28 16

* :  <mailto:thierry.badeuil at fr.thalesgroup.com>
thierry.badeuil at thalesgroup.com


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