[lttng-dev] Error in creating session in Embedded Android based development board

paramesh p params16jan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 21:01:36 EDT 2018

    I am new to Tracing. I was trying to use Lttng in my Android based
Dragonboard Develop kit. I installed Lttng with Bitbake, by adding below
line in conf/local.conf
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " lttng-tools lttng-modules lttng-ust"

After the succesful build and flashing, I can access the Lttng in my
platform. Below is the output of "lttng" command

*/ # lttng*
*LTTng Trace Control 2.6.0 - Gaia - v2.6.0*

*usage: lttng [OPTIONS] <COMMAND> [<ARGS>]*

*  -V, --version              Show version*
*  -h, --help                 Show this help*
*      --list-options         Simple listing of lttng options*
*      --list-commands        Simple listing of lttng commands*
*  -v, --verbose              Increase verbosity*
*  -q, --quiet                Quiet mode*
*  -m, --mi TYPE              Machine Interface mode.*
*                                 Type: xml*
*  -g, --group NAME           Unix tracing group name. (default: tracing)*
*  -n, --no-sessiond          Don't spawn a session daemon*
*      --sessiond-path PATH   Session daemon full path*
*      --relayd-path PATH     Relayd daemon full path*

*    add-context       Add context to event and/or channel*
*    calibrate         Quantify LTTng overhead*
*    create            Create tracing session*
*    destroy           Tear down tracing session*
*    enable-channel    Enable tracing channel*
*    enable-event      Enable tracing event*
*    disable-channel   Disable tracing channel*
*    disable-event     Disable tracing event*
*    list              List possible tracing options*
*    set-session       Set current session name*
*    snapshot          Snapshot buffers of current session name*
*    start             Start tracing*
*    stop              Stop tracing*
*    version           Show version information*
*    view              Start trace viewer*
*    save              Save session configuration*
*    load              Load session configuration*

*Each command also has its own -h, --help option.*

*Please see the lttng(1) man page for full documentation.*
*See http://lttng.org <http://lttng.org> for updates, bug reports and news.*

When I try to create a session. I am getting below error.

*/ # lttng create test-session*
*Spawning a session daemon*
*modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'lttng_tracer': Required key not
*Error: Unable to load required module lttng-tracer*
*Warning: No kernel tracer available*
*Session test-session created.*
*Traces will be written in
*Error: Unable to create config file*
Error: Command error

Please help me.
Thanks in Advance.

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