[lttng-dev] Regarding lttng ust trace-point usage

jagadeesh konakalla kjagadeesh27 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 08:06:26 EDT 2018

Hi Mathieu,

This is Jagadeesh. I am user of lttng tools.

I have one query regarding the lttng ust usage.

I have written my linux application which has trace point API's to trace
the user application.
My requirement is to do both kernel domain trace and user domain trace for
my application.

When i start the lttng and then run my application, i do not see any
issues. I mean to say that i get all the user trace events and kernel

If i start the application, then i configure and start the lttng, i see
some user events are not captured at the start (may be dropped). I have
observed that there is a delay in the first kernel event occurrence to
first user event occurrence. I have not seen this behavior if i start the
lttng and run my application.

Here is my question : Is this the expected behavior ?
Are there any settings that can help me to resolve this issue ?

Version of lttng used :
lttng-tools (2.9.4)
lttng-modules (2.9.1)
lttng-libust (2.9.0 )

I appreciate your help. Please let me know if you need more information.

With regards,
Jagadeesh K.
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