[lttng-dev] Mixing kernel and userspace traces in a single events editor view

John O'Sullivan John.OSullivan at BlackBox.com
Fri Aug 3 09:57:54 EDT 2018


I using trace compass on an embedded target, I have a sample application with some user space events and I am also collecting some kernel events.

Is there some way in trace compass of looking at these in a single Events Editor view so that both kernel and Userspace events are interleaved with respect to time?

The script I am using on my target is;

#Create a session sending the data over the network to a listening host
lttng create --set-url=net://$HOST_IP
#Create one or more events
lttng enable-event -u -a -c chan1
lttng enable-event --kernel sched_switch,sched_process_fork
#create an event for the logger
lttng enable-event --kernel lttng_logger
lttng start
echo "Loading sample aplication" > /proc/lttng-logger
echo "unLoading sample aplication" > /proc/lttng-logger
lttng destroy

The resulting traces when opened only allows me to view kernel and UST on separate tabs




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