[lttng-dev] lttng questions

Nalin Pai nalinpai at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 18:28:29 UTC 2017


We are looking at using lttng as a solution for all our trace and debug
requirements. We want to get away from traditional file based string format
logging and move to lttng, which then gives us the flexibility of dumping
the traces to file or the network. With this background, I have several
questions for the team.

1) CTF supports struct fields. I don’t see any ctf_ macros in lttng that
will allow us to define tracepoints having struct fields. Is there a way to
do this that I am missing?

2) Display hints. Sometimes there is a need to display certain fields in a
particular way, e.g. IP and MAC addresses. While the tracepoint definition
for these fields are going to be integers or sequences of integers, we
would like babeltrace to display these fields in a certain format. Short of
modifying babeltrace to recognize these fields by their names and handle
them specially, is there any other way of achieving the same?

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