[lttng-dev] [barectf] Building /w. Microsoft Visual Studio

Philippe Proulx eeppeliteloop at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 17:02:39 UTC 2016

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 9:05 AM, Jean-Francois MONESTIER
<jean-francois.monestier at st.com> wrote:
> Hello Philippe,
> Thank you for your prompt response !
> Le 10/11/2016 à 22:56, Philippe Proulx a écrit :
>>> I removed the dependency on __typeof__() and statement expressions,
>>> which are GNU extensions, however I know that MSVC does not support C99,
>>> so there might be other C99 stuff left in there.
>> I just tested with VS2010 with this branch as of a845de1 and it builds
>> and works! I'll wait for your response anyway as for VS2008. You can
>> also install from a Zip file that you download on GitHub,
>> <https://github.com/efficios/barectf/archive/remove-gnu-dep.zip>:
>>     pip3 install remove-gnu-dep.zip --upgrade --force-reinstall
> I just gave it a try, it now builds fine using VS2008 (except I must
> provide my own implementation of stdint.h, but this is another matter...)

Yes, I added a note in the README for this. There's no easy way around
this I think, since the various *int*_t typedefs depend on the platform
and architecture.

I tried in VS2010, and I believe VS2010 has some support for C++11, and
C++11 requires <cstdint>, and this file contains:

    #include <stdint.h>

But if you want to know, in VS2010 Express, the interesting part looks
like this:

    typedef signed char int8_t;
    typedef short int16_t;
    typedef int int32_t;

    typedef unsigned char uint8_t;
    typedef unsigned short uint16_t;
    typedef unsigned int uint32_t;

    typedef _Longlong int64_t;
    typedef _ULonglong uint64_t;

Nothing surprising about this.

> Thank you very much !
> Do you plan to merge this onto the main branch ? Will this be included
> in the next official barectf ?
> Plz let me know, so that I can upgrade accordingly.

Yes I will merge this and make a release today. Thanks to those changes,
I can now claim that the generated code is ANSI C, which should also
improve support for custom/old C compilers in the embedded world.


> All the best meanwhile,
> --
> Jean-Francois Monestier
> 041-6766

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