[lttng-dev] [barectf] Building /w. Microsoft Visual Studio

Jean-Francois MONESTIER jean-francois.monestier at st.com
Thu Nov 10 17:17:53 UTC 2016

Hello Tracers !

I'm currently having hard times, trying to build a barectf-generated CTF
writer with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Problem resides in the .._bitfield.h file, macro
.._bt_bitfield_write_le( .. ) as __type__( .. ) is a gcc extension :

  warning C4013: '__typeof__' undefined; assuming extern returning int

Are there any M$ compatible bitfield macros/functions around here ? Or
am I on the way to port these myself ?

For what I've seen, I'm only writing 8/16/32/64b data into my stream, so
that the macros should rewrite in a much more simpler way.

I'm currently using barectf v2.1.3

Any help appreciated,
Thanks in advance
Jean-Francois Monestier

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