[lttng-dev] Create virtual LTTng environments with vlttng (blog post)

Philippe Proulx pproulx at efficios.com
Tue Nov 1 05:55:02 UTC 2016

Hello everyone!

I just wrote a blog post about a tool I created somewhat recently, and
which I want to you to know it exists:


The tool is called vlttng and it can create virtual, isolated LTTng
environments, just like virtualenv does in the Python world.

vlttng "knows" the following projects:

* babeltrace
* elfutils
* glib
* libxml2
* lttng-analyses
* lttng-modules
* lttng-tools
* lttng-ust
* popt
* tracecompass
* urcu

As I wrote it in the blog post, you should be interested in vlttng if:

* You want to contribute to one of the LTTng or Babeltrace projects.
* You want to test a specific configuration of the tools without
  tainting the system.
* You want to use LTTng on a distribution with no LTTng packages.
* You want to cross-compile the tools.

I guess it's also useful if you want to try the bleeding edge versions
of the LTTng, Babeltrace, and Trace Compass projects without having to
read any doc about how to build and install them.

Have fun,

Philippe Proulx
EfficiOS Inc.

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