[lttng-dev] lttng-relayd on Solaris Permission deniedin utils_mkdir_recursive()

Martin Andersson Z martin.z.andersson at ericsson.com
Thu Oct 29 02:17:41 EDT 2015


Using the lttng-relayd on a Solaris10 (SunOS 5.10 Generic_150401-20 
i86pc i386 i86pc)

Give the following result.

./lttng-relayd -C tcp:// -D tcp:// -L 
net://localhost:5344-o */home/XXXX/YYYY/lttng-traces* -b
PERROR- 12:34:37.861906 [6546/6546]: mkdir recursive: Permission denied 
(in _utils_mkdir_recursive_unsafe() at utils.c:621)
PERROR- 12:34:37.864154 [6546/6546]: mkdir /home/XXXX/YYYY/lttng-traces, 
uid -1, gid -1: Permission denied (in utils_mkdir_recursive() at 

If I do a truss and start the above mentioned command, the "mkdir" 
recursion stop because of permission (not because it exist), this will 
then break out of _utils_mkdir_recursive

*/egrep mkdir truss.log /*
mkdir("/home", 0770) Err#17 EEXIST
mkdir("/home/XXXX", 0770) Err#13 *EACCES*

However it shall be noted, I'm doing this as the user being the owner of 
the home directory.

*/ls -ld /home /home/XXXX/*
drwxr-xr-x 409 root root       16384 Oct 20 11:47 /home
drwxr-x--- 199 XXXX nms        49152 Oct 27 06:15 /home/XXXX

If I try the following little exercise "directly" in Solaris, it works 
with no problem.
/mkdir -p /home/XXXX/YYYY/

Don't know if it has something to do with file-system, so I give you 
some info in that area.
*/*                  (//dev/md/dsk/d70 / ):         8192 block 
size          1024 frag size
41310292 total blocks   24403016 free blocks 23989914 available        
2486848 total files
  2270183 free files     22282310 filesys id
*ufs* fstype       0x00000004 flag             255 filename length

*/home * (/nas2:/vx/oss1a-home/):        8192 block size 512 frag size
635023360 total blocks  143270864 free blocks 142440496 available        
3324224 total files
  2238606 free files     82837519 filesys id
*nfs* fstype         00000000 flag        4294967295 filename length

For the moment I can get everything going, by changing the path to /tmp 
But I report this since I'm not sure that we shall bail out on 
_utils_mkdir_recursive() because of permission (maybe that's the correct 
choice to make, simply don't know).


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