[lttng-dev] can we do live local tracing without relay daemon?

Jérémie Galarneau jeremie.galarneau at efficios.com
Fri May 8 12:55:56 EDT 2015

On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 10:56 PM, zhenyu.ren <zhenyu.ren at aliyun.com> wrote:

> Hi,dev
>    From https://lttng.org/docs/#doc-lttng-live,it seems that relay daemon
> is necessary for live tracing. I wondered whether I can do live LOCAL
> tracing without relay daemon,say implemented it on consumer daemon side
> rather than relay daemon side, to avoid one more memory copy for the
> performance sake.
Hi Zhenyu,

This is currently unsupported; the relay-daemon is required to perform live
tracing even in local. However, there is nothing preventing us from
implementing a shared-memory scheme between the consumer, relay and the
live-client (e.g. Babeltrace). This would eliminate the need for copying
the data when used locally.


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